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kauai paddle board rentals

Today, most people who live near any body of water have either seen someone or heard something about this exciting new sport. It's the newest and fastest growing water sport in the world called "Stand up Paddle Boarding". It's also referred to as paddle surfing or SUP short for "Stand Up Paddling". If you want to experience this amazing sport adventure then our Kauai paddle board rentals can be your best option.   

You lie on the beach at a resort, watching the surfers ride the waves. The sport looks exciting but you aren't sure you are ready to dive in (no pun intended) to something that intense. One type of surfing that is growing in popularity is sup rental Kauai. SUP has considerably gained popularity over the years. Water sport enthusiasts from all over the world use it whenever waves aren't sufficient for surfing. Aside from the fun paddlers get from the sport, it is also a great form of exercise; thus, many fitness experts agree of its positive effect into a person's health.

Stand up paddle Kauai can be a very intensive form of exercise. Paddlers need to master strength and balance to be able to maintain good posture and move their boards forward. Depending on your location, your work rate could vary from easy to rigorous. Paddling in open water where current is strong will give you a more challenging workout. Whereas, gliding over steady water such as in protected reefs is more relaxed.

Kauai is one of the top vacation destinations and offers crystal clear water, warm sandy beaches and bright sunshine. Why not make the most of your vacation and spend time on the waves learning to improve your balance and core body strength with a Kauai sup rental. Not only can this be considered an excellent aerobic workout, but it is also pure fun!

We understand that many customers have some experience paddle boarding but we require first time customers to take the lesson program to ensure a safe and optimal experience.  In addition, we are using top flight equipment so we want to ensure each customer understands how to handle the equipment with the proper care. 

Paddle board rental Kauai has definitely been growing in popularity over the last few years but it has been around far longer than that. Paddle Boards are essentially long modified surf boards. They can be laid upon and paddled in the manner of a surf boarder but they are made to be stood up on. 

Then you use a long paddle with a bend in it to provide a more powerful thrust. To successfully use paddle boards you have to keep your eyes on the horizon instead of looking down and paddle like the gondoliers. It is a great cardiovascular exercise and there are a lot of athletes that are using it for cross training purposes.

Paddle boarding is the latest water sport that has participants using a paddleboard and a paddle to propel them on the water. This water sport has been around for a long time, but has only become popular recently. Traditionally, individuals lie down or kneel on the board and use their arms to move. 

Today the most common way to paddle board is by standing up. Also called stand-up paddle surfing, paddle boarding has become the latest fad with a number of celebrities being photographed paddle boarding in different locations. Paddle boarding has become a very popular activity.

The amazing full body workout that paddle boarding offers is becoming a popular and favorite cross-training activity for a number of snowboarders, skiers and other sports people. People can paddle in different locations, from oceans, to lakes and even rivers. The sport does not require any waves and can take place anywhere that there is a water body. Another benefit of this sport is that one is able to enjoy the sights and views; it feels a bit like walking on water.

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